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Lean Sigma TrainingWhat Is Lean Sigma?

Lean Sigma (also known as Lean Six Sigma), is simply a process improvement methodology. It’s the best way to determine the root cause of a problem and then fix it – efficiently and effectively.

Lean originated at Toyota and Sigma (or “Six Sigma”) originated at Motorola.

Lean focuses on eliminating waste. Sigma focuses on problem solving. Together (as Lean Sigma), they enable anyone to accelerate and maximize process improvement. Over the last 30 years, Lean Sigma has saved organizations in every industry, from all over the world hundreds of millions of dollars by reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving collaboration between employees – all while creating happy customers.

Lean Sigma Training Used To Cost Thousands Of Dollars

Organizations began combining the two methodologies in the 90’s and historically, learning and applying it through training and certification has been intimidating, complex and expensive – only accessible by people at well-funded organizations since it usually costed thousands of dollars per person.

Now It’s Accessible To Everyone

Lean Sigma Training

In 2012, our Lean Six Sigma Experts at changed that. On a mission to make improvement easier for everyone, we’ve developed the most accessible, easy to understand and enjoyable Training and Certification available including:

Start improving today and register for the best Lean Sigma Training available.