Lean Initiatives Save Millions And Make Small Business Life Better, Week Of December 29, 2014


Here are our top picks for Lean success stories and news from around the web for the week of December 29, 2014.

New Report Details Millions Of Dollars In State Efficiency Savings

This month, Governor Inslee’s Results Washington initiative released a report detailing examples of 18 improvements. The 18 improvements and improvement examples cited in the report total $5.92 million in savings, $27.4 million in costs avoided and $3.16 million in additional revenue. The Lean initiative began in September 2013 and although the initiative is still in the early stages, the progress so far is encouraging!

Going Lean In A Small Shop

Operating Lean can help a car shop of any size improve. Not only do low cycle times and high touch times offer a peace of mind, they also make small shop owners and managers feel less chained to the shop. Going Lean means getting educated and getting employees on board. See how four body shops from around the country improve cycle times and efficiency with Lean in this article.

Lean Manufacturing – Where Do I Start?

Heliview, a business-to-business information company, conducted a market survey over the summer focused around the process of refining business operations to increase speed and reduce waste. In the Heliview survey, “43% of the interviewees were not familiar with Lean manufacturing, having either never heard of it, or having only a vague understanding of the concept.” In this article, Auke Hylarides, describes the steps to lower that 43% and take the first steps towards Lean.


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