How to Use “The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit”

How to Use "The Problem-Solver's Toolkit" -

Are you looking for a simple way to solve problems? Would you like someone to point out what could go wrong along the way? Do you like graphics just a bit more than text? Glad you asked!

As helpful as our online training is, sometimes you just want a quick reference guide. The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit: A Surprisingly Simple Guide to Your Lean Six Sigma Journey is a fast-and-fun travel kit for the process improvement traveler. We provide basic tool sets, examples, instructions, “detours” around potential “potholes” and some sightseeing options when you want to take a deep dive on a given topic.

  • Follows the path of the online Green Belt Training
  • Contains 35 foundational Lean Six Sigma tools
  • Covers essentials like the A3, Process Walks, SIPOCs, Check Sheets, Run Charts, 5S, Monitoring and Response Plans, and more – Just enough to get you rolling!
  • Provides clear instructions, examples and best practices
  • Draws on over 25 years of success helping organizations achieve their goals with Lean Six Sigma
  • Showcases colorful charts, instructive graphics and the familiar faces of the staff at the Bahama Bistro with their companion case study
  • FREE! with your Green Belt and Black Belt Training & Certification
How to Use The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit

Reference The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit as a companion to the online training, or use it on its own to identify, analyze, and solve problems. Check what each tool provides so you can decide if you need it. Study examples so you know exactly what to expect. Learn from others who have lost their way.

Since it’s an eBook, you have easy access. Skim the content or click your way to deeper content. There are free templates to download and videos to bring concepts to life. It’s all here!

Details of the Travel Kit
Excerpt from The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit: 8 Wastes Infographic

A good infographic is worth a thousand words and that’s why we introduce every tool with a simple image. We boil down the concept so it’s easy to understand. Plus, they look good!

Description of the Tool
Excerpt from The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit: What are the 8 Wastes?

We give you an awesome infographic but we also provide a jargon-free definition of each tool or concept. No foreign language and no tech-speak – just the (fun) facts!

Excerpt from The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit: What Questions Will the 8 Wastes Answer?

And, in case you’re wondering why you’d use a tool, we list all the questions it can answer for you. That’s usually the goal, to get some answers, so we spell those out for you.

Example of the Tool
Excerpt from The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit: Example of Removing Waste

Wondering what a tool would look like if you used it? We got that too! Our friends at the Bahama Bistro are happy to share their work with you. Their examples relate to the same project – trying to serve lunch faster. Since we’ve all ordered lunch at a restaurant, the examples make sense. And again, they look good!

Roadside Assistance
Excerpt from The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit: Roadside Assistance

We give you a quick and simple user’s guide for each tool or concept. There’s a free template if you need it, and just enough information to get you rolling.

Potholes and Detours
Excerpt from The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit: Potholes and Detours Around Them

We all make mistakes. That’s how we learn! But if someone has already made mistakes, we can learn from them too. We let you in on the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. Insider info for everyone.

Additional References
Excerpt from The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit: Sightseeing and Additional References

Want to know more? We’ve purposefully created a “short n’ sweet” guide but you’re probably one of those naturally curious people. Sometimes you want to know more. For those of you up for some sightseeing, we’ve provided links that take you directly to videos, blogs, and more so you can do a deep dive when it suits you. Best of both worlds!


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