How To Run A One Proportion Test In SigmaXL

What’s A One Proportion Test?

The One Proportion test is a hypothesis test that can be used to determine whether a process is performing at the level of an established standard. It provides a way to determine if there is a statistically significant difference between the standard and a particular data set or whether the difference is due to random chance.

An example would be testing if a vendor that has guaranteed 48 hour delivery is performing as promised.

Learn more about One Proportion Tests in Analyze Phase, Module 4.2.1 of Black Belt Training.

How To Run A One Proportion Test In SigmaXL

Download the One Proportion Test Data Set for SigmaXL here.

1. Select Raw Data:

2. Data Summary:


3. Go to Statistical Tools > Basic Statistical Templates > 1 Proportion Test & Confidence Interval:


To learn more about One Proportion Tests, register for Black Belt Training and review Analyze Phase, Module 4.2.1.

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