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With more than 300 million members, LinkedIn is the go-to professional network to show off your skills and stand out. A great way to stand out is by adding Certifications to your profile.

Certifications are a great way to showcase your professional achievements on your LinkedIn Profile.

Here’s the easiest way to add your Certificate(s) to your profile:

Before beginning, please download your PDF certificate by logging into your account here and clicking the “download my certificate” button next to your completed course.

Add your Certificate to your LinkedIn Profile in just one click for:


Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification

LinkedIn Add to Profile button


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

LinkedIn Add to Profile button


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

LinkedIn Add to Profile button


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

LinkedIn Add to Profile button


Lean Certification

LinkedIn Add to Profile button


Here’s the manual way to add your Certificate(s) to your profile:

1. Log into your LinkedIn profile, and go to “Edit Profile”

Edit Profile

2. On the right hand side, you will see “Recommended For You.” The last option is, “Certifications +”

Add Certifications

3. Enter the Certification Name – this is the name of the course. Ex: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

4. Enter as the Certification Authority

5. The License Number is where you will input your Certificate Number.

6. The Certification URL is the Certification Authority’s website. In this case,

7. Input the month and year you received your certification. Be sure to select, “This certificate does not expire.”

Certification Information

8. Save and you’re done!

Jurija Metovic

Jurija is the Client Experience Manager at and provides extraordinary support to our clients to ensure their Lean Six Sigma process improvement journeys are easier and more streamlined every step of the way.
  • Lukasz

    Hi Jurija,
    just one question…
    i just passed the yelow belt exam a cpl of days ago..
    wanted to have it displayed on my profile on linked in…
    followed your directions…
    just wondering…
    in URL certification field.. it wouldn’t be possible to obtain an url adress of my certificate… so it’s visible straight on once someone cliks on that option?

    • Jurija

      Hi Lukasz- Thanks for the question. Congratulations on your Yellow Belt!

      The URL you should use is: Unfortunately, there is not a URL address for your certificate. LinkedIn doesn’t allow that kind of URL option at this time.

      Take care,

  • Chantal

    Hi there, I just passed the Yellow belt and want to display on Linkedin but the http://www.GoSix logo does not display next to my certification. There is more impact with a logo.

    • GoLeanSixSigma

      Hey Chantal- Your badge will be listed in the Groups section of your profile once you join the group. You can join your colleagues in the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified Group here: Thanks!