Flexible, Affordable Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma consultants are always within reach to help your organization increase revenue, cut costs, and improve collaboration. Your business’ location is now no longer an obstacle for achieving success with process improvement initiatives. Whether you prefer local, remote, or on-site support from experts who have the experience needed to successfully collaborate with stakeholders and staff, experienced Lean Six Sigma consultants are always conveniently available for you and your organization.

Local Consultants

There are numerous benefits to working with a local Lean Six Sigma consultant. Not only are they more readily available to work with your team on-site, but it’s also much more cost effective since expenses like travel and lodging will be decreased.

Regardless of your location, highly successful local Lean Six Sigma consultants are available in your area. Not only will you have the benefit of on-demand project support and guidance, but you’ll learn and work with consultants who are deeply experienced and more importantly, have successfully guided and implemented improvement initiatives with other similar businesses in your area.

On-Site Consulting

On-site consulting is the most effective for the planning, implementation, and maintenance of your business’ Lean Six Sigma process improvement initiatives. Consultants can work side-by-side with stakeholders, subject matter experts, and staff to plan and implement process improvement objectives.

This hands-on approach not only ensures rapid, agile adaptations to evolving project roadmaps, but vastly improves the likelihood that company-wide process improvement efforts take root and avoid being relegated to “flavors of the week.” An on-site Lean Six Sigma consultant fosters and promotes a culture of excellence needed to maintain process improvement achievements throughout your organization.

Remote Consulting

Remote Lean Six Sigma consultations make contacting a consultant any time of the day a hassle-free experience. Useful for businesses with more than one location or teams spread out across multiple locations, remote consultants can be reached using email, phone, or teleconference to facilitate communication and promote collaboration with stakeholders, team leaders, and project members. Whether exchanging files, speaking in person, or speaking face-to-face, there’s virtually nothing a Lean Six Sigma consultant can’t accomplish remotely.

Flexibility and Affordability

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of working with a Lean Six Sigma consultant is their ability to maintain flexible hours at rates that are potentially much more economical. This is achieved by providing on-demand hourly or daily support vs. engagements requiring large investments spanning weeks, months or years.

Whether they’re available locally, coordinating your project teams remotely, or working hands-on on-site, consultants are always available to accommodate your business’ unique needs. Flexible, proactive, timely consulting is a hallmark of effective Lean Six Sigma consulting. These characteristics ensure your business will always have access to a consultant’s vast knowledge and experience.

From brainstorming project goals with stakeholders, solving a specific process improvement problem with team leaders, to helping to instill a culture of reducing waste and minimizing variation, Lean Six Sigma consultants will help your business successfully increase revenue, cut costs, and improve collaboration.

Let us match you with a Lean Six Sigma consulting firm or consultant that fits your needs, your organization and your industry, no matter your location. We make it simple by connecting you directly to a highly successful Lean Six Sigma.

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