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When customers are satisfied with their first purchase from your company, they patronize you again and your business records higher sales. They tell their families and friends, and they may also choose to buy your products and services. That first experience with your product and your service matters. Customer satisfaction builds customer loyalty. If they recommend you, that results in

By eliminating bottlenecks and promoting innovations in your business processes, you can propel your business to lasting organizational growth and increased revenue within a short time frame. When you build your business using Lean Six Sigma, it becomes easy to share initiatives, handle projects, track deliverables, and pay attention to your customers’ needs. While it’s part of human nature to

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Owen McGab Enaohwo

Owen McGab Enaohwo

Owen McGab Enaohwo is the CEO and Co-Founder of SweetProcess; an easy-to-use and intuitive business process management software founded in 2013. The software makes it possible for company executives and their employees to collaborate together to quickly document standard operating procedures, processes, and policies.

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