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Bill Eureka

Bill Eureka is a Senior Consultant at and has over 40 years of success helping leading organizations achieve their continuous improvement goals. He’s an experienced trainer, mentor and coach with the ability to relate to all levels within an organization. Bill is also a Professor in the School of Business at Davenport University.

Project Storyboard: Increasing First Run Parts From 60% to 90% With Lean Six Sigma Green Belt James Fuhrman’s Project Storyboard involved increasing first run parts from 60% to 90% within two months. This project achieved 87% within the aggressive schedule while dramatically reducing manufacturing lead time. Improvement in first run parts yield increased throughput, while process simplification reduced manufacturing lead time, which allowed…

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A Hypothesis Test for When There’s Not Much Data -

A Hypothesis Test for When There’s Not Much Data

How can you run a hypothesis test when you don’t have much data? Are you dead in the water? Luckily, no! There’s Tukey! No, not “turkey,” a gentleman by the name of John Tukey came up with a test that can help. This is a little-publicized, incredibly useful hypothesis test…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

As a manager with 25 years of experience in valve manufacturing, would Green Belt Training or Black Belt Training be recommended for me?

Both Green Belt and Black Belt Training are aimed at helping you improve your business by making you a better problem solver. Many people are good a coming up with solutions to problems, but are not good at actually diagnosing the problem. Lean Six Sigma uses facts and data to diagnose the problem situation so…
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How to Make Lean Work for You -

How to Make Lean Work for You

Lean manufacturing first became known in the late 1970’s as “Kanban” or “Just-in-Time,” and was often considered a distinctly Japanese approach for dealing with suppliers. Its application beyond Japan was doubtful, but over the years we learned that there was much more to what became known as the Toyota Production…

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