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US Army Medical Facility Improves Processes and Efficiency With Lean Six Sigma -

The Warrior Medic Medical Treatment Facility prides itself on being the command’s premier medical facility charged with delivering quality and safe patient care. However, recently the MTF has fallen below target performance on access to care, one of the U.S. Army Medical Command’s critical objectives. Using newly developed Lean Six Sigma skills, students discovered a way to improve one of the simulated MTF’s processes that affected the access to care issue.

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Julius Pecson

Julius is the Director of Operations at His passion for simplifying complex concepts into easy to understand and elegant visuals helps make it easy for our learners to understand and apply Lean Six Sigma.

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  1. Hello Pecson , I found interesting that Lean six sigma helps in improved the process in medical Facility of US Army.Usually in manufacturing and other product based organizations introduce Lean six sigma for Process Improvement here i have a question could you explain how you introduced Lean six sigma in your facility and How you trained your staff ?

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