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Who is the Grand Poobah of Toyota Production System? The Wizard of Lean? His Royal Eminence of Efficiency? Sure, he had some help, but Taiichi Ohno was the behind-the-scenes master of what is now known as Lean Manufacturing. Time to appreciate a significant quality forbear! Born in China, Mr. Ohno was an engineer and a businessman known primarily for being

What do you know about Sakichi Toyoda? Did you know he was born on Valentine’s Day? That he started out in the textile business? That he came up with the 5 Whys root cause guessing game? Oh, and that he founded Toyota Industries Company!? Born in Japan, Mr. Toyoda was an inventor and an industrialist known primarily for being the

In a recent blog by Mark Reich, Senior Coach for the Lean Enterprise Institute, he harps on an experience circa 1994 where he reminisces on a life-long lesson on how a do-first mentality can bring more value to improving a process than coaching advice. With no engineering experience, Reich, an English major in college, was thrusted into a role where

This week marks the 7th edition of the Executive Development Mission by Honsha. Direct from beautiful Japan, the Executive Development Mission aims to bring leaders to the next level of Lean thinking by showing the role of culture awareness. Guests will understand the pure principles of Kaizen directly from Gemba observations at Toyota and other Japanese organizations. Along with seminars

I recently read an intriguing treatise of personal and organizational philosophy called Principles by Ray Dalio, the investment guru and founder of Bridgewater Associates. It is certainly not a philosophy for everyone nor for every organization, but I always admire attempts to codify one’s thought process and views on how success is achieved. There was one part of his framework

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