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Lean Transforms and Saves Aluminum Trailer Co.

At the Lean Accounting Summit this year, Steve Brenneman, president, and Duane Yoder, production manager of Aluminum Trailer Co. (ATC) shared a presentation called, "It's a Lean life!" ATC is a privately held company where every owner and team member, of the 11, contributes to the direct structure and success…

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Webinar: How to Facilitate a Process Improvement Team to Success -

Webinar: How to Facilitate a Process Improvement Team to Success

[Go-Getter Membership Exclusive Webinar] During this 1-hour Intermediate Webinar, you’ll learn how to lead and facilitate Lean Six Sigma teams towards success. Webinar Level Intermediate Agenda What Facilitation is all about What Facilitation techniques are Why we need facilitation skills How to assess team needs Tools & Templates Team Alignment Diagnostic Webinar Transcript Tracy: Welcome to…

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Lean Six Sigma Boosts Leadership and Culture in Healthcare

Among the industries in turmoil in today’s economy, Healthcare has the potential to achieve the some of the greatest levels of improvement. While improvement can be obtained in various ways, when an organization’s leaders are involved, the chances of an improvement effort's success and impact is exponentially higher. Lean Six…

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