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10 Tips for Building Awesome Green Belt Projects -

10 Tips for Building Awesome Green Belt Projects

Congratulations! You have just passed your exam and now it is time to tackle that Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project. “What makes a good Green Belt project?” is often the first looming question that comes to mind. Learners struggle with finding support, properly scoping their projects and other common…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

How does the Project Storyboard relate to the A3?

When should a Storyboard complement the A3? When should it replace the A3? When should the A3 complement the Storyboard? When should the A3 replace the Storyboard? All great questions! We tend to use the A3 with the Sponsors, Process Owners and the Program Management office. They want to see the project at a glance…
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Lean Six Sigma Project Examples

Ready to begin your first Lean Six Sigma project? Looking for examples for inspiration or reference to get you started? Here are some project storyboards from different industries and from home. Remember, Lean Six Sigma can help you with more than just work! Lean Six Sigma Projects by Industry Finance…

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