What happens now? Zoom calls are a permanent fixture, but what else? Organizations have had to figure out how to manage processes virtually, and people are developing ways to work from home permanently. How does Continuous Improvement incorporate technology in the wake of the pandemic? What should change? What shouldn’t? 
The following elaborates on the infographic above:PDCA stands for Plan-Do-Check-Act, and is a cyclical method for continuous improvement of processes.Plan: Create a process improvement plan.Do: Execute a process improvement plan.Check: Inspect feedback and adjust the plan accordingly.Act: Integrate a process improvement plan into the system. PDCA Training Single Module For
PDCA is a four-step methodology for problem-solving. PDCA stands for Plan Do Check Act/Adjust. It can also stand for Plan Do Study Act. This methodology can be used continually to improve processes.Plan: Plan or outline a problem.Do: Do or apply countermeasure to address root cause.Check: Check or assess if the

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