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10 Tips for Building Awesome Green Belt Projects -

10 Tips for Building Awesome Green Belt Projects

Congratulations! You have just passed your exam and now it is time to tackle that Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project. “What makes a good Green Belt project?” is often the first looming question that comes to mind. Learners struggle with finding support, properly scoping their projects and other common…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

What is baseline data in reference to the Measure Phase?

Good question. There is a great webinar that you might want to check out that goes into more depth on data collection; “How to Successfully Collect Process Data for Your Lean Six Sigma Project (Link:,”Your baseline is basically the most recent data reflecting the state of your main metric. So if you were going…
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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -

Measure Phase

The Measure Phase is the second phase of the DMAIC process. During this phase the effort is to determine key ways to measure the process, define each of the key measures and then form a plan to detail who will collect the data, in what quantity and where. This data…

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