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Looking to Launch Lean Six Sigma? Here’s how to do it in 3 months! Partner with us and we’ll help you create a Culture of Continuous Improvement. A key objective of every project is to deliver results in an agreed upon time period with an agreed upon set of resources. Three important factors that are critical to accomplishing this are:

The Value Stream Map is a critical tool within the Lean methodology.  It serves as the basis for documenting the “As Is” state of the process and is the platform for designing the “To Be” state of the new and improved process flow.  A Value Stream Map (VSM) is a sequential order of process steps. What’s In a Value Stream

Lean Six Sigma Success Story: Project Summary The Challenge: Reducing Cost The Discovery:   Data Visualization in the Hospitality Industry The Improvements: A simple presentation to the laundry service vendor resulted in a refund to the hotel of $250,000. The Results: current period (3.30) last period (3.20) same period, previous year (3.87) THE CHALLENGE Businesses collect lots of data but don’t always translate

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