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Lean Six Sigma For The Service Sector

Compared to the past, Lean Six Sigma is now making way into hospitals, banks and municipalities very often. The industrial industry primarily utilized Lean Six Sigma methods to produce and deliver products. It's going beyond product delivery and straight into customer satisfaction. Non-industrial organizations want to provide better than mediocre…

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Who Benefits From Using Lean Six Sigma

Industries & Job Functions That Benefit From Lean Six Sigma

  Who benefits from using Lean Six Sigma? Anyone who has problems to solve including: Industries Healthcare Hi-Tech Government Retail Finance Hospitality ...Any industry that has problems to solve!  Functions Customer Service Manufacturing Accounting Operations Sales HR & IT ...All functions that have problems to solve!  Tell us how you…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

How can Lean Six Sigma be used in the service industry?

How can Lean Six Sigma be used in the service industry? More specifically, how can it be used in the accidental claims approval department with a general insurance company? Process improvement can definitely apply here. We’ve seen Insurance companies such as Trustmark Insurance and National Insurance companies make significant strides to improve their processes. Even…
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