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Below are Lean Six Sigma success stories in the Water, Energy and Utility industries organized alphabetically. For success stories in other industries, please visit our Lean Six Sigma Success Stories page.

Ecolab Inc.

Ecolab Recognized as EPA Safer Choice Program Partner of the Year

“Ecolab Inc., the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services, has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a 2016 Safer Choice Partner of the Year within the Innovators category.” The recognition is a well earned honor for this organization. Ecolab uses Lean Six Sigma to map safe choices and reduce waste.

Electric Power Sector

Powering Continuous Improvement: Driving Safety Excellence in the Electric Power Sector

“North America is experiencing what some refer to as “disruptive change.”” To meet environmental demands and changes, the industry is importing learnings from the Nuclear Industry and modifying risk profiles. Lean Six Sigma programs are also being deployed in the efforts.

JEA, Inc.

Lean Six Sigma and Environment Case Study: JEA

JEA utility has applied Lean and Six Sigma process improvement techniques since 2000:

  • Achieved a utility-wide cumulative cost savings of $579 million from Lean and Six Sigma initiatives.
  • Avoided an impact of $95 million on the utility’s 2010 budget from projects specifically focused on cost reduction.
  • Saved an average of $950 per customer and avoided rate increases of $20 per month directly related to process improvement efforts
  • Completed over 580 projects since 2000


UECompression Reaches New Heights Using Lean Six Sigma

UECompression (UEC) of Colorado braces itself and strategizes with Lean Six Sigma through cyclical highs and lows in the oil and gas industry. COO Mark Vitale looks to improve quality and reduce cycle time at it’s facility that was built in 2013. Using tools like 5S, UEC deploys Lean Six Sigma to help strengthen their knowledge in understanding the customer’s needs. With improved technology and a vision for the future, UEC continues it’s path of continuous improvement.

ZF Energy Development

Lean Energy Management in Manufacturing

CEO of ZF Energy Development Michael Overturf discusses applying lean manufacturing techniques to the energy sector to improve energy productivity. This “Lean Energy Model” will meet energy quality demand and reduce conversion losses while making outside capitalization possible.

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