Team Roles of Lean Six Sigma

Team Roles of Lean Six Sigma -

Pulling together a Process Improvement team can be a challenge, but if you connect with the right people then the odds of success go up—a lot. Do you have a Sponsor to back you? Which Subject Matter Experts do you think you’ll need? What about a Finance Partner to verify your project results? Consider these key roles on your next Lean Six Sigma project team.  Let’s dive into Lean Six Sigma roles! Are you ready to select your starting lineup?

Team Lead

Project Sponsor

Team Member

Process Owner

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

  • Person with skills related to improvement effort
  • Represents IT, HR, Finance, Black Belt or other specialty
  • Assists improvement team on an as-needed basis

Finance Partner (SME)

  • Reviews return on investment of team efforts
  • Member of Finance Department
  • Verifies projected costs savings of solutions

Which Role Will You Play?

Now that you understand the responsibilities of each role, are you ready to join your process improvement team and help solve your organization’s problems?

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