GLSS-Logo_White Awarded In Financial Times: Americas’ 500 Fastest Growing Companies Awarded In Financial Times: Americas' 500 Fastest Growing Companies ranks 276 out of 500 in a Financial Times report: In the Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies.

Lean Six Sigma has played an important role in times of growth and regression. Even through social and economic hurdles, has proven to be a key player in process improvement for every industry and job function across the globe.

The Financial Times ranking comes at a time of uncertainty for many companies. One of the top industries leading the report is technology. has created a modern approach to education and learning process improvement. With process improvement impacting all levels of industry, government, and education, Lean Six Sigma continues as the flagship method for solving problems and processes for organizations all over the world.

We’re so honored and thrilled to be one of the businesses contributing to the growth of our economy. In today’s tremendously challenging environment, we’re working even harder to be a force for good by creating positive change in our workplaces and communities all over the world.

By continuing to make it easy to learn how to solve problems with Lean Six Sigma, everyone can create small, positive changes that lead to spectacular transformation when we each do our part to contribute to the greater good.

Karlo Tanjuakio, CEO at


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About provides practical problem-solving courses based on Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools. empowers people with the practical problem-solving skills we all need to overcome the unique challenges we each face at work, in our communities and at home. By helping people learn how to solve problems in an easy, practical way, we’re empowering everyone to create small but powerful changes that lead to spectacular transformation when we work together towards a greater good. has helped over 250,000 people and over 3,000 organizations in Government, Education, Healthcare and every industry solve problems, improve processes, do more with less—and ultimately create better outcomes for their customers and communities.


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