7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When They Hire Their First Employees

Entrepreneurs transitioning from solo work to managing employees often make several mistakes. Firstly, not having standard operating procedures in place can lead to longer training times and reduced employee morale. Entrepreneurs may struggle with letting go and delegating tasks, resulting in micromanagement issues. Failure to communicate the company’s vision to new hires is another common mistake.

Changing leadership style is crucial when moving from solo work to managing a team. Additionally, hiring individuals with the same skills may limit the team’s overall capabilities, and hiring too many employees at once can lead to overwhelm. Entrepreneurs should also consider future growth and plan accordingly to avoid burnout in a small team.

GLSS CEO and Founder Karlo Tanjuakio has this to say:

Without standard operating procedures, training takes exponentially longer–and employee morale is at risk because they’re not set up for success. To avoid this, simply start a document that outlines the processes, and the steps within those processes, that your employees will be responsible for.

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