Lahainaluna High School

Sustainable Gardens at Lahainaluna High School

In a spirited community effort led by Hui Māla ‘Ai, the students of Lahainaluna High School experienced the joy of planting seeds of sustainability right at their school. Following the devastating impact of wildfires that left soil contaminated, local organizations volunteered and donated to provide future generations a beacon of hope.

On Feb. 23, 2024, we came together to install garden boxes that will serve as a foundation for growing clean, nutritious food. Each Farmacy Garden, filled with fertile soil and young plants (absent of any pesticides or fertilizers), represents a new opportunity for young minds to learn, grow, and contribute to a greener future.

This initiative is more than just a response to an environmental crisis—it embodies a commitment to empowering the youth of Hawai’i, ensuring they have the resources to lead in self-sustainability and community resilience.

“The project at Lahainaluna High School is a testament to GLSS’ vision of nurturing self-sufficient communities and establishing Hawai’i as a global exemplar in ecological and social responsibility. With each plant that takes root, we move a step closer to a world where every community has access to clean, healthy food, and every individual recognizes their power to make a positive impact—no matter how large or small.” — Karlo Tanjuakio, CEO & Founder at GLSS

Mahalo nui to Lahainaluna High School Teachers Tracy Poouahi, Nathan Pallett, Bradley Mason and Colin Delos Reyes.


Update on 4/2/24:

During a bustling community work day during spring break, the school’s students experienced the fruits of their labor. The harvest of Manoa lettuce was a success, and in a heartwarming gesture of solidarity, it was donated to students and volunteers affected by displacement.

This cycle of giving continued as the Agriculture students at Lahainaluna High School bid farewell to the lettuce and welcomed a diverse array of new plants. The garden beds are now teeming with the fresh promise of Bibb and Buttercrunch lettuces, cucumbers, watermelon, squash, cantaloupe, and more.

Despite the basil seeds not taking root, there is a buzz of anticipation for the beets and radishes nearing readiness for harvest. The beets will find their way to the tables of displaced staff, while the radishes are set to star in a culinary exercise for the Agriculture classes, who will be turning them into delicious pickled treats.

This update not only highlights the growth of the plants but also the growth of the community, as they learn, share, and support one another through the joys of gardening.


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