Ken Maynard

This author has written 4 articles has certifications to improve process in government organizations. Create great leaders, critical thinkers and a more productive goverment process by providing government employees with these trainings.

So you’ve completed your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training & Certification and you’re excited about process improvement. But, you have some questions. Big questions,

Inside and outside of the public sector, the pressure is growing for lean process improvement and increased quality. The idea has been around for decades.

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Ken Maynard

Ken Maynard

Ken Maynard is the Director of Client Success at and works to ensure our customers achieve their desired outcomes through the use of our products and services. He is an accomplished results-driven leader of Lean Six Sigma with a 30+ year record of driving higher profitability and improved quality with clients in a variety of industries. Ken has led numerous large enterprise wide re-engineering projects working with business leaders to identify and implement successful high-value transformations.


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