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Grand Daddy Of Quality - Shigeo Shingo -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Shigeo Shingo

What do you call it when a garage door stops closing before it hits your head? The Hokey Pokey? No, a Poke-yoke! Lucky for us, Dr. Shingo baked this mistake-proofing technique into the Toyota Production System and the rest is history. This year would have marked Shigeo Shingo’s 109th birthday,…

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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -

Zero Quality Control

Zero Quality Control is a method, popularized by the quality guru Shigeo Shingo, that proposes removing the need for inspection by eliminating the possibility of human error. Mr. Shingo was a proponent of Poka Yoke or Mistake Proofing processes which is a key component to removing the need for inspection.…

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