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I’m already registered for the Yellow/Green/Black Belt Training & Certification course. Can I register through San Diego State University (SDSU) instead?

Yes! However, you’ll need to register for the Yellow/Green/Black Belt course through the SDSU website (click here to register). After paying and registering, you’ll be fully refunded of the cost that you originally paid to You’ll then be reassigned to the SDSU specific course and your course progress will…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

Does a specific training need to be completed in order for one to title oneself as a Lean Six Sigma Champion?

Great question! The role of the Champion is key since it’s generally a person in leadership who is supporting a project. In order to better understand the role, you may want to view the Webinar: How Leaders Successfully Support Lean Six Sigma Projects. This goes into more detail around the kinds of things a Champion (and…
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