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The Secret To Surveys: Go To The Source -

The Secret to Surveys: Go to the Source

If you have ever read a Lean book, blog or article, you’ll know that “value” is defined by the customer. While often referenced, we don’t spend enough time thinking about what this really means. What Do Customers Truly Want? Henry Ford reportedly once said, “If I’d asked my customers what…

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Coach Your Leaders In Lean Successfully With These 5 Tips -

Coach Your Leaders in Lean Successfully With These 5 Tips

Have you been in the following situation: Your manager calls you into her office, sits you down and says, “I have exciting news…and a great opportunity! You’re going to coach Vice President XYZ!” Although on the outside you smile a huge smile and thank your manager for the opportunity, inside,…

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Waste Walk Saves $3.7M at UMC Health System

Led by Operations Director Paulo Maldonado, a recent 100-day waste walk yielded $3.7M in hard savings for the 2017 budget at UMC Health System. "It's the small things," says Lisa Barrington, Lean Six Sigma manager for UMC Health System, as she exclaims the impact of hundreds of submitted process improvement…

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