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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt MBAs Reduce Costs & Waste

I recently wrote a blog article for on the merits of having both an MBA and a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. That blog, published in April 2020, was written from the perspective of my teaching Business Process Improvement to MBA students at Hamline University School of Business.…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

How do I implement Lean Six Sigma in a production environment where "Pickers" are making significant errors in picking products?

In a classic “Pick-Pack-Ship” operation, there are a lot of reasons why Pickers might be making significant errors. If the question is how to implement Lean Six Sigma in this environment, the first step is to look at the environment as a whole. How is the merchandise stocked? Is the layout intuitive? How are the…
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Six Sigma DPMO Visualized -

Six Sigma: 3.4 DPMO Visualized Infographic

The following is a transcript of the infographic above: A Six Sigma process has a 99.99966% defect-free rate. This is equivalent to 3.4 DPMO (defects per million opportunities), or a single defect for every 294,000 units. How small does this look? The chart illustrates 1 defect in 294,000 units with…

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