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Lean Six Sigma solves problems by addressing the root causes (not just the symptoms) so that you can...

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What Is Lean Six Sigma?

It's a problem-solving method that's completed in 5 Phases.

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I’ve come to expect nothing less than greatness on how the crew handles their intuitive self-placed learning platform! The Champion Course did not disappoint – with a steady dose of engaging modules, webinars, podcasts, and blogs. The flow of the phases is exactly how one would want to approach the transitioning within their own operations – as I now will be doing. The sections over transforming the culture and coaching really stood out to me – can’t wait to implement within my own team. You’ll continuously hear the tagline of “Building Problem-Solving Muscles” – and that’s exactly what this course does. Thanks Elisabeth and Tracy!

This simple, easy online course provides a great background for a Lean Six Sigma Champion. The podcasts, interviews, webinars and presentations all contribute to a mixed-model teaching and learning experience that keeps your attention. I strongly recommend this course for any leaders working to improve their soft skills and empower their teams.

Jerry Wright -

This is a great course. The course takes a deep dive into Lean Leadership concepts while keeping it light and engaging with humor and stories that support learning. The different formats between webinars, podcasts, modules and blogs support inclusion of all as there are those that learn differently. The most important lessons in Lean Principles and Lean Leadership are repeated at different intervals to refresh and make sure we learn to keep them a priority.

Most importantly, the instructors keep all of the lessons positive and light. Keeping the program enjoyable while concentrating on the importance of the students passing on the information, sharing, teaching, coaching in a similar positive manner. In line with all that is Lean. Respect for people.

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In our Online Green Belt Workshop, you’ll complete our much-loved Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training where you’ll play interactive games and get plenty of relatable examples that will help ensure you can complete successful Lean Six Sigma projects.

Green Belt Training -
Green Belt Training -
Green Belt Training -

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