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Navjot Kaur
Mar 23, 2023
 by Navjot Kaur on

useful course.

Navjot Kaur
Mar 23, 2023
 by Navjot Kaur on

lean six sigma is a useful course provides thorough information about concepts.

Youginkumar Raval
Mar 23, 2023
 by Youginkumar Raval on

Easy to understand

Mar 23, 2023
 by Whitney on

Extensive but learned a lot

Mar 23, 2023
 by Ty on

Good informative content.

Mar 22, 2023
 by toot on

Great course and easy to follow

Jaspreet Singh Rana
Mar 22, 2023
 by Jaspreet Singh Rana on

I learned the foundations of Lean six sigma. Its really helpful.

Mar 22, 2023
 by Vivian on

Very well put together.

Divjot Singh Suri
Mar 22, 2023
 by Divjot Singh Suri on

Really Good.!

Amninder Singh Daljit Singh Dhillon
Mar 22, 2023
 by Amninder Singh Daljit Singh Dhillon on

Its good

Mar 22, 2023

Learn the basics of lean six sigma

Janice B
Mar 22, 2023
 by Janice B on

learned alot. Happy I could do this at my own pace.

Tina Fuglestad
Mar 22, 2023

I used GoLeanSixSigma for Black Belt certification with a project and I am very happy with what they provided. The self paced videos and quizzes were interesting and I found a lot of useful information in them. The project was the best way to build on my understanding of the concepts and I suggest going this route if you have the choice. Everyone I interacted with including my coach was really helpful. I had a few issues in the beginning with a third party using their platform and they helped me rectify it quickly and was informative and helpful along the way. I highly recommend using them!

Mar 22, 2023
 by Kaz on

It's a straightforward course that teaches effectively.

Jade Naughton
Mar 22, 2023
 by Jade Naughton on

Engaging and easy to understand!! Highly recommend!!

Mar 22, 2023
 by Valerie on

The online modules were easy to follow and understand.

Daniel Dada
Mar 22, 2023
 by Daniel Dada on

Very insightful and informative

Mar 22, 2023
 by Cam on

Easy to navigate

Mar 21, 2023
 by Anna on

Great learning tool!

Mar 21, 2023
 by Anna on

Great tool!

Mar 21, 2023
 by Imani on

Self-paced, great content!! I would recommend this style of training to anyone.

Mar 21, 2023
 by Sarah on

This course was helpful, straightforward, and organized. It was easy to follow and the graphics made it much more interesting than learning from a textbook!

Ragnar Lind
Mar 21, 2023
 by Ragnar Lind on

AMAZING! I learned so much and it was so much fun

Mar 21, 2023
 by kade on

lots of helpful information and easy to use

Mar 21, 2023
 by Matthew on

Easy to follow, with great knowledge to apply to many industries.

Mar 21, 2023
 by May on

Great course! I learned so much and will be applying this newfound knowledge immediately. Thank you!

Mar 21, 2023
 by kathy on

it was good

Jess Mendes
Mar 20, 2023
 by Jess Mendes on

I learned a lot in this course.

Mar 20, 2023
 by Saunoz on

Very easy to follow and complete.

Anastacio Tauto-an III
Mar 20, 2023
 by Anastacio Tauto-an III on

I am very delighted with the course. It is really a big opportunity to take this kind of short-course.

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