Premier Health Care Alliance Members Save $4.2 Billion By Improving Care Delivery Processes

Members of the Premier healthcare alliance collectively saved over $4.2 billion in 2011 through a combination of improved processes and care delivery efficiencies.

Collaboration, data integration, and new purchasing practices accounted for $1.45 billion, while lowered hospital product pricing made up the remaining $2.75 billion in savings. In total, this is equivalent to the annual salary of over 70,000 nurse practitioners.

Specific health systems members include Banner Health ($41.5 million saved), Ohio’s University Hospitals ($18 million saved), and Crittenton Hospital Medical Center ($4 million saved).

Collaboration in particular was a major driving force behind improvement initiatives. The QUEST High Performing Hospitals collaborative’s focus on evidence-based care delivery simultaneously improved patient satisfaction while decreasing readmissions, cost of care, and most importantly mortality. By providing over 350 hospitals with access to best practices, QUEST lead to improved quality and reduced waste. In addition to QUEST, ASCEND (Accelerated Supply Chain Endeavor) aggregated, monitored, and analyzed supply chains to save over $56 million.

President and CEO of Bon Secours Health System Inc. Rich Statuto, said, “The Commonwealth Fund has suggested that by sharing best practices, the U.S. could reap substantial benefits to overall health, patient experiences and cost savings. That’s what the Premier alliance does. We benefit from our membership every day, as we focus on delivering high-quality care across the continuum and improving the health of our population.”

Premier President and CEO Susan DeVore added, “Even in this time of much uncertainty, Premier alliance members continue to set standards for care delivery that are evidence-based and driven through data. These hospitals and health systems are increasing the quality in and efficiency of their care process to benefit patients and make their communities a healthier place to live.”


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