Girls Got Grit Mentorship Program

Karlo Tanjuakio and Team partnered with the Girls Got Grit Mentorship Program at Sacred Hearts Academy to mentor entrepreneurial-spirited high school girls. This program is designed to provide their students with the skills and experience they need to be successful after high school.

During our first round, we offered students the opportunity to experience what it was like working with a hyper growth, small business –! The girls worked with different departments including Operations, Marketing and Client Experience and learned how a high-performing team functions.

Tiffany Ng, one of our participants, even got her Yellow Belt Certification and completed a mini-project where she applied 5S to a workspace.

Recently, the program experienced a significant drop in participants for this year. So for the second round, we’ll be working with the Program Director, Noe Oliver, and 3 other GGG members to not only identify the root cause of the 50% drop out rate, but also propose solutions to get their participation numbers back up!

The team that is tackling this problem is taking’s online Yellow Belt Training combined with live instructor sessions to help facilitate applying Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts to the real life problem they’ve selected.


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