Lean Glossary

Leader Huddle Meetings are regular (often daily) meeting with direct reports. The Huddle Meetings are conducted in front of the Process Performance Boards in order

Process Performance Boards are displays that enable leaders to visually track People, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Process Improvement. They enable leaders to answer questions such

Actions, behaviors and tools that leaders use to build and sustain a Lean Culture. Leader Standard Work Training Single Module For a better understanding of

Shadow Boards are visual methods of storing tools or materials and are always placed where the work is being done. Each shadow board consists of

Work Balancing or Line Balancing involves balancing the work rate between sub-processes in order to efficiently match customer demand or takt time. The idea is

What is Work Cell Design? Work Cell Design is a method of organizing physical operations by process flow as opposed to function in order to

Water beetle or water spider is a term used to describe the person responsible for maintaining correct inventories on the production line so that line

Visual Management is the practice of making the workplace visually easy to work in. This includes making it easy to identify units and materials, updating

Waiting happens internally when one colleague is idle because they are unable to proceed with a process step until another colleague or department provides the

Wait time is a measure of the time a unit or service is idle within a process. Waiting is considered the most common of the

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