Ann Colbourne

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Whether you’re just starting your Lean Six Sigma journey, or you’re in the middle of improving a process, guidance from Experts can help make your efforts easier – and more successful! In this Expert Excerpt, we interview Expert Dr. Ann Colbourne, who shares key insights to being successful with Process Improvement in Healthcare. Ann Colbourne of Alberta was the Senior

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Ann Colbourne

Ann Colbourne

Ann Colbourne of Alberta was the Senior Medical Director of Culture, Transformation and Innovation at the Alberta Health Services. She was also the Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Alberta. Ann has served in a variety of roles as a clinician, academic and health care leader including work at the Mayo Clinic, Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Canadian Diabetes Association. In 2011, she received the Mayo Clinic Plummer Society Award of Excellence, as the first woman and the first international recipient of the award. Ann holds an MD, BMedSc and BSc in Biochemistry from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and an MA in Theology from the University of Oxford.

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