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Contest: 5S Your Desktop

We're all at home now and your closets and garages may be clean, but what about your computer files and desktop? It's time to 5S your PC! Apply the 5S skills to your computer! You could 5S folders, your desktop or shared file spaces. Share your story for a chance…

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Lean Six Sigma Is Everywhere! -

Lean Six Sigma Is Everywhere

 Do you ever walk into a store and know at a glance where to find what you need? Do you notice that seemingly long lines can often move really quickly? Do you find yourself wondering why things don't go horribly wrong more often? Lean Six Sigma is at work!…

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Video: How To Organize Your Life Using 5S -

Video: How to Organize Your Life Using 5S

 Has anyone asked you to "ABC It" for them? Make it easy? This is 5S made simple — a technique to create an intuitive workspace. 5S — Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain — is one of the more basic and powerful process improvement techniques available and…

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How To Apply 5S: Piano Area -

How to Apply 5S: Piano Area

Playing a musical instrument can be an amazing way to pass the time, but having a messy area can dampen the feeling. With your sheet music lying all over, it can be hard to find the piece you want when you want it; not to mention all the other things…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

Can you provide the 5S process?

5S are five steps that help with workplace organization. Each step starts with the letter S. If you are interested, go to the website, we have some blogs and other information available about this topic.;
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