Lean Six Sigma Success Stories in the Professional Services Industry

Below are Lean Six Sigma success stories in the Professional Services industry organized alphabetically. For success stories in other industries, please visit our Lean Six Sigma Success Stories page.


Firefly Consulting Honored as Leading Woman-Owned Firm

Austin Business Journal has identified Firefly Consulting as a Top Woman-Owned Business in Austin, TX for the third year in a row. Firefly Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in operational excellence and uses Lean Six Sigma Training with clients and consultant projects.

Use Housekeeping to Kill 5S

“The perfect crime had been committed; no evidence remained, no report was completed, and no authorities notified.” That’s what happens with 5S. With 5S, there is control and problems are solved before they can even be started. Robert H. Simonis is the senior manufacturing and operations consultant at KCE Consulting and he writes this great article to remind you to use 5S!

Customer Experience

Supply Chain Improvements Enhance Business Process

Amerisource Bergen is one of the best-in-class customer experience. They take pride in partner relationships and providing their customers with better ways to serve patients. To meet these end goals and make these impacts, Amerisource invests in customer-facing programs, enhances infrastructure and makes internal quality measures which often include the use of Lean Six Sigma mixed with their of hybridization of a formal quality program.

IT Solutions

At the Movies: Learning to Balance IT Demand and Delivery

Todd Hill is Senior Director of Customer IT Solutions in the Office of Information Technology at Notre Dame. In this article, he compares IT roles and situations to movies and popular scenes. Many of which offer a fun look at Lean Six Sigma in motion!

HCL Services Wins “Best Use of Lean Six Sigma: Field Services in IT” Award at World Quality Congress Conference

HCL Infosystems Limited, one of India’s premier IT Services, was recently awarded for “Best Use of Lean Six Sigma: Field Services in IT” at the World Quality Congress Conference held in Mumbai. HCL enhances customer experience with Lean Six Sigma and profitability.

Kenco Operating Systems

Kenco Hosts Lean Workshop to Enhance Operational Excellence

Lean-based Kenco Operating System seeks to improve on their operational excellence by hosting an employee workshop focusing on Lean tools and processes that improve efficiencies and cost savings for its customers.


Clients & Law Firms Benefit From Process Improvement

More law firms are finding innovative ways to meet their corporate clients’ expectations in the way legal service is delivered, measured and priced. The Littler CaseSmart model, based on Lean Six Sigma, is one such that allows clients to know exactly where they stand at each stage of a matter and how much it might cost should they move onto the next phase.

Injecting Lean Six Sigma Into Baton Rouge Law Firm Kean Miller

It’s not often you hear about an implementation of Lean Six Sigma into a law firm, but attorney Greg Anding at the Law Firm Kean Miller leads the way. “We’ve always driven the car down the road, [but] we’ve not taken the time to pull the car to the side of the road and see what needs to be done to fix it,” Anding exclaims. By coordinating a “retreat” that included lawyers, clerks, secretaries and paralegals, the group was able to emulate & collaborate a process walk of a hypothetical asbestos case, refining the process to ensure the best person handles each step. “There may be things that person A is really good at doing and enjoys doing, and I’ve got person B doing it,” Anding learns. By injecting Lean Six Sigma into the business practice at Kean Miller Law Firm, Anding continues to create new paths in becoming more fiscally efficient.

LegalShift, LLC Launched to Improve Lawyer Collaboration

LegalShift, LLC helps law firms and agencies improve overall operations. In a dramatically changing industry, LegalShift helps law departments work more efficiently and effectively together. The implementation of Lean Six Sigma and other technologies create improved client communications and increased profitability.

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