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Below are Lean Six Sigma success stories in the Professional Services industry organized alphabetically. For success stories in other industries, please visit our Lean Six Sigma Success Stories page.


LegalShift, LLC Launched to Improve Lawyer Collaboration

LegalShift, LLC helps law firms and agencies improve overall operations. In a dramatically changing industry, LegalShift helps law departments work more efficiently and effectively together. The implementation of Lean Six Sigma and other technologies create improved client communications and increased profitability.

A Lawyers Guide to a Lean Justice System and Proportional Discovery

According to Justice Stephen Breyer, the courts system must provide value to its users. How can the system provide value instead of driving out the main people of the litigation system and putting people through lengthy and money-eating processes? Those in law are now seeing the benefits of implementing DMAIC to current processes to improve the federal courts system.

A Streamlined View On Process Optimisation

Jason McQuillen, Founder and Head of Managed Legal Services at Radiant Law, discusses process optimization and how it’s one of the most theorised business topics of the last century. Small process changes impact the bottom line to any business and McQuillen believes Lean Six Sigma is easy enough to implement and can provide quick wins.