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Who Benefits From Using Lean Six Sigma

Industries & Job Functions That Benefit From Lean Six Sigma

  Who benefits from using Lean Six Sigma? Anyone who has problems to solve including: Industries Healthcare Hi-Tech Government Retail Finance Hospitality ...Any industry that has problems to solve!  Functions Customer Service Manufacturing Accounting Operations Sales HR & IT ...All functions that have problems to solve!  Tell us how you…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

How do you convert eliminated Waste into dollar values that show how they affect the bottom line to convey the benefits of Lean Six Sigma to the CFO/CEO?

Full Question: In an IT company, the labor hours saved are not always easy to convert in to dollar values – Finance is not able to see those dollar values unless you convert those hours saved into billable hours. If these hours aren’t converted, then the hours saved by eliminating waste is not a direct bottom…
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