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Philip Crosby: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Philip Crosby: Grand-Daddy of Quality

Who said “Quality is free - but it’s not a gift"? Who was the first non-doctor to create a vaccine? Who maintained that zero defects was the job of management as much as the front line. Philip Crosby! He said it was less expensive to do it right the first…

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Armand Feigenbaum: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Armand Feigenbaum: Grand-Daddy of Quality

Do you have a hidden factory? Do you know employees who always have time to do it over but never time to get it right? Did you know organizations waste up to 40% of their capacity this way? Well, raise a glass to the quality guru who championed the capture…

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Eliyahu Goldratt: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Eliyahu Goldratt: Grand-Daddy of Quality

He was a cigar-chomping, salty-tongued educator who wrote a manufacturing love story. Eli Goldratt left us way too soon but will always be appreciated as the man who constantly provoked people to truly think. This year would have marked Eliyahu Goldratt’s 70th birthday. Born in Israel, Mr. Goldratt was a…

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Walter Shewhart: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Walter Shewhart: Grand-Daddy of Quality

Dr. Deming was amazing, but who was his teacher? Who produced the PDCA Cycle? Who conceived of Statistical Process Control? The modest man behind the scenes, another fascinating product of the Hawthorne Works, was none other than Walter Shewhart. This year would have marked Walter Shewhart’s 126th birthday – truly…

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Taiichi Ohno: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Taiichi Ohno: Grand-Daddy of Quality

Who is the The Grand Poobah of Toyota Production System? The Wizard of Lean? His Royal Eminence of Efficiency? Sure, he had some help, but Taiichi Ohno was the behind-the-scenes master of what is now known as Lean Manufacturing. Time to appreciate a significant quality forbear! This year would have…

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Sakichi Toyoda: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Sakichi Toyoda: Grand-Daddy of Quality

What do you know about Sakichi Toyoda? Did you know he was born on Valentine’s Day? That he started out in the textile business? That he came up with the 5 Whys root cause guessing game? Oh, and that he founded Toyota Industries Company!? This year would have marked Sakichi…

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Shigeo Shingo: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Shigeo Shingo: Grand-Daddy of Quality

What do you call it when a garage door stops closing before it hits your head? The Hokey Pokey? No, a Poke Yoke! Lucky for us, Dr. Shingo baked this mistake-proofing technique into the Toyota Production System and the rest is history. This year would have marked Shigeo Shingo’s 108th…

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Genichi Taguchi: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Genichi Taguchi: Grand-Daddy of Quality

Did Taguchi design Kimonos? He could have, if he’d spent his life working in the family Kimono business (and I’m sure they would have been stunning), but lucky for us, this quality rebel devoted a lifetime to the idea that customers deserved better. This year would have marked Genichi Taguchi’s…

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Joseph M. Juran: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Joseph M. Juran: Grand-Daddy of Quality

December 24th would have marked Mr. Juran’s 112th birthday - three cheers for a Great Great Grand-Daddy of Quality! Best known for establishing the Juran Institute, he dedicated his life to promoting quality as a way to improve society. Like other quality greats, Dr. Deming and Walter Shewhart, he got…

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