5S Infographic – A Brief & More Detailed Overview

What is 5S?

Lean 5s

5S In-Depth

5S is a five-step organization technique to create and maintain an intuitive workspace.

Sort – Keep only necessary items in the workplace.

  • Review tools, parts, and instructions.
  • Keep only what is essential
  • Eliminate anything that is non-essential.

Examples: Obsolete/expired procedures, damaged/expired inventory, defunct/old equipment

Set In Order – Arrange items to promote efficient work flow.

  • Arrange items in a logical order.
  • Indicate places for each item clearly.
  • Keep each item close to where it will be used.

Reduces: excess movement, excess transportation, over processing, over production, excess inventory, excess delays, defects

Shine – Clean the work area so it is neat and tidy.

  • Make cleaning a part of daily work.
  • Assign areas of responsibility.
  • Return all items or files to their assigned place.

Examples: Dirty tools & equipment, spills & leaks, clutter & mess

Standardize – Set standards for a consistently organized workplace.

  • Create standards for Sort, Set In Order, and Shine.
  • Make standards easy to understand with Visual Controls.
  • Assign and educate on individual responsibilities.

Examples: Work instructions, hazard warnings, equipment/tool labels, process diagrams

Sustain – Maintain and review standards.

  • Measure and monitor process.
  • Address root causes and avoid reversion to the “old ways.”
  • Promote individual feedback and response for improvements.

Examples: Emphasize cooperation, communicate clearly, and support innovation.

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