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I’ve Improved Several Processes In My Company By Saving Several Hours Per Month For Certain Key People In My Company, But Administration Still Doesn’t See The Value In The Work I Want To Perform. They’re So Filled Up With Reactive Work. Is There A Way To Tactfully Bring This Up Without Offending People?

I’ve improved several processes in my company by saving several hours per month for certain key people in my company, but administration still doesn’t see the value in the work I want to perform. They’re so filled up with reactive work. Is there a way to tactfully bring this up without offending people?

I hear you. They're busy "inspecting and fixing" 40% of the time as we see in organizations everywhere. If it's just you fixing processes, are there ways to bring others along? One powerful element is "ownership." When people feel connected to the improvement they get more engaged. This could be…

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How Do You Fire A Champion From A Project?

How do you fire a Champion from a project?

Without knowing too much about the situation, I'll assume they're not effective and it's best for all concerned if someone else serves as Champion. One method is to approach them with the idea of "offloading" the time consuming work of sponsoring a project to someone with more "bandwidth." Appeal to…

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Is The Rollout Kit A Free Resource?

Is the Rollout Kit a free resource?

A lot of the kit is free and available for download on from our website. All the webinars, blogs and videos along with the 14-Step guide are all free. There are some tools that only come with purchase but you can take a look and decide if you need them.…

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