What Six Sigma Or Other Methodologies Tools Are Used To Predict The Durability Of A Production Part Before Production Parts Are Made?

What six sigma or other methodologies tools are used to predict the durability of a production part before production parts are made?

While Six Sigma methodologies are typically more process related rather than product related, but there are indeed tools that can be useful.  Within the quality engineering book of knowledge, there is a whole segment on reliability.  Certainly, Weibull analysis and the bathtub curve is the direct way to address product…

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The GoLeanSixSigma Green Belt Training Is Heavy On Lean And Light On Six Sigma, Specifically The Statistics. Is That To Help With Easy Of Rollout?

The GoLeanSixSigma Green Belt Training is heavy on Lean and light on Six Sigma, specifically the statistics. Is that to help with easy of rollout?

Light on statistics, yes, but the Green Belt is definitely Six Sigma based with it's roots in DMAIC. The reason why, is because the Green Belt program is heavily focused on building capability to do process analysis. There is so much to learn about process analysis! So, GoLeanSixSigma.com's program focused…

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