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Lean Six Sigma solves problems by applying tools through a specific process—DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). This process is not simply a way of organizing the work, but a way to connect the use of the tools to achieve successful results. I call this “connecting the dots” and below illustrates the critical dots and how to connect them.

Roma Finance, a mortgage lender based in Manchester, England, reports the implementation of a major Lean Six Sigma project to analyze every aspect of it’s bridging process. Resulting in 45 process improvements, Roma presented twenty key wins in July. By utilizing the voice of the customer, Roma learned that the key drivers in customer acquisition were deliverability, speed of completion

With the rising impact of Oklahoma’s current budget situation, Preston Doerflinger, Secretary of Finance and Revenue for Oklahoma, presents a path towards a solution: implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Doerflinger cites process improvement projects within the Oklahoma Pardon, such as reducing docket preparation time from four weeks to three days, reducing parole processing time by 75%, to an estimated

In an attempt to streamline Oklahoma City’s government processes, Zach Sumner, Logistics Director of the E Foundation for Oklahoma builds his case. A program that the E Foundation has created, SoonerStat, harps on Lean Six Sigma principles that are aimed to streamline service delivery, reduce cycle time, and cut overtime for the government of Oklahoma. With looming revenue gaps and

Inside of a morning workshop at a Bosch Rexroth hydraulic plant in Charlotte, N.C., leaders prepare their pitch to senior plant leaders and the local Lean project coordinator. In an effort to foster collaboration, the engineering firm takes a Shark Tank approach, where panelists ask questions and consider their options before deliberating and choosing what they’ll go forward with and

The Naval Surface Warfare Center recently hosted a Rapid Improvement Event and gathered personnel from various departments that deal with hazardous materials (HAZMAT) in an effort to improve cycle time, safety and overall performance for the future. Led by James Schwartz, NSWC PHD CPI Lean Six Sigma MBB, the group’s efforts look to create healthy dialogue while addressing current state

News: Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Plans $157M Project With Lean Six Sigma Envisioning 50 more years of supporting the community, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare (TMH) embarked on a $157M project towards a new hospital using Lean Six Sigma to streamline cycle time for patients and employees alike. The project features “evidence-based” design concepts to increase patient outcome and patient satisfaction. As the

Struggling to streamline the LAR/FSR request process, the Pennsylvania Army National Guard embraced Lean Six Sigma to minimize the delay in cycle time. Led by Master Sgt. Charles Anthony Will, an 8 step process similar to DMAIC was used to identify the root cause to their issues, gather support from the community and strategize around the next steps to develop

At UTC Aerostructures, a manufacturer of nacelle components for jet engines, everyone has a one-track mind towards continuous improvement. Every employee uses very detailed standard work to eliminate waste and speed up cycle time. Takt time clocks are utilized throughout the facility, breaking down an 8-hour workday (or 25,200 seconds) into four periods of 6,300 seconds each, that countdown to

The Value Stream Map is a critical tool within the Lean methodology.  It serves as the basis for documenting the “As Is” state of the process and is the platform for designing the “To Be” state of the new and improved process flow.  A Value Stream Map (VSM) is a sequential order of process steps. What’s In a Value Stream

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