Lean Six Sigma News: Improving Budgets, Safety and Productivity, Week of November 7, 2016

Lean Six Sigma News: Improving Budgets, Safety and Productivity

Here are our top picks for Lean Six Sigma success stories and news from around the web for the week of November 7, 2016.

The City of Oshawa Adds Lean Six Sigma to Reduce 2017 Costs

When budget discussions for 2017 began at Oshawa City Hall, Councillor Rick Dubeau points to Lean Six Sigma to improve on services and costs for the local governments. He believes that the Lean approach can offer local governments a different way of thinking, with an effective, structured methodology for creating sustainable change both culturally and operationally.

Construction Industry Implements Lean Six Sigma Tools for Safety and Productivity

Employees in the construction industry can work smarter and faster by utilizing Lean Six Sigma. By championing continuous improvement, these businesses can transform and cultivate a work culture devoted to increasing safety while also boosting productivity.

Kenco Hosts Lean Workshop to Enhance Operational Excellence

Lean-based Kenco Operating System seeks to improve on their operational excellence by hosting an employee workshop focusing on Lean tools and processes that improve efficiencies and cost savings for its customers.

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