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I’m not receiving your emails. What should I do?

Not to worry! Our email may just be stuck in your spam/junk or promotions folder (if you're using Gmail). Please check there and when you see our email, simply drag any of our emails from your spam/junk or promotions folder into your primary inbox and your email filtering preferences will…

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Can I purchase Go-Getter Memberships for my team(s)?

Yes! Here's how you can purchase a Go-Getter Membership for each of your team members: Add the Go-Getter Membership to your cart Click the blue "Process to checkout" button Enter your billing details Under "Additional Information: Select "Other(s)" for "Who are you registering?" Input the learner's first and last name…

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How does my Go-Getter Membership get renewed?

Your Go-Getter Membership will automatically renew after one year. If you'd like to not be charged for the following year, you can then withdraw from the yearly renewal subscription at your convenience. You will still have access to all Go-Getter Membership material until the next yearly billing cycle (which is…

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I’m already registered for the Yellow/Green/Black Belt Training & Certification course. Can I register through San Diego State University (SDSU) instead?

Yes! However, you’ll need to register for the Yellow/Green/Black Belt course through the SDSU website (click here to register). After paying and registering, you’ll be fully refunded of the cost that you originally paid to You’ll then be reassigned to the SDSU specific course and your course progress will…

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