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How Is The Yellow Belt Online Certification That You Offer Different From Yellow Belt Programs Offered At A University? I Think Other University Grad Schools Offer A Program But They Cost So Much More!

How is the Yellow Belt online certification that you offer different from Yellow Belt programs offered at a university? I think other university grad schools offer a program but they cost so much more!

So of course, I'm going to be biased towards our Yellow Belt program! Our Yellow Belt is really high quality training at a low cost because it is an online self-directed program. In my opinion, go with our Yellow Belt and save your $$ towards an investment in yourself when…

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After Receiving My Green Belt Certification, I Am Looking To Sign Up For My Black Belt! My Question Is, What Percentage Of The Exam Will Be Calculations?

After receiving my Green Belt Certification, I am looking to sign up for my Black Belt! My question is, what percentage of the exam will be calculations?

The majority of questions around statistics require you to understand the formulas and their purpose as opposed to run calculations. Less than 1% of the questions require calculations - and the answers are multiple choice. We use easy to understand language, and although we require you to be able to display data that…

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Help With Free Lean Six Sigma Training

We're sorry you're having trouble loading your Free Lean Six Sigma Training. Here are some quick ways to solve this so that you can get started. Use Safari or Chrome. All of our courses are compatible with all browsers, but sometimes, an outdated version or security settings from your organization may…

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