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Value Stream & Core Process Identification -


What is Value Stream & Core Process Identification?

The Value Stream & Core Process Identification template helps an organization to document their core Value Streams and Core Processes at a high level. This is done prior to any detailed mapping of the Value Streams or Core Processes which requires more time and effort.

Value Stream Identification works best early in the Lean journey as a way to get agreement from upper management on what the organizational Value Streams are and discuss the Value Streams that will be targeted for improvement. Then middle management will be brought together to map the core processes (or sub-processes) at a high level.

This benefit of doing this work is that everyone in the organization will understand from a process perspective, what the organization delivers and the processes that deliver those products and services. Ideally, these maps can then be used to:

  1. Identify processes targeted for improvement
  2. Identify customers and what their requirements are for each process
  3. Develop dashboards and scorecards to manage processes
  4. Help staff become more process-centric by using these maps in process change discussions

To learn how to use the Value Stream & Core Process Identification Template and how to apply Lean or Six Sigma, check out our free Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt TrainingGreen Belt Training or Lean Training.