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Process Walk Planning Checklist -

Process Walk Planning Checklist

What is the Process Walk Planning Checklist? The Process Walk Planning Checklist provides a detailed list of action items to complete prior to conducting a successful Process Walk. To learn how to use the Process Walk Planning Checklist and how to apply Lean or Six Sigma, check out our Black Belt Training &…

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Process Walk Ground Rules

What are the Process Walk Ground Rules? Process Walk Ground Rules is a team handout with a list of behavioral guidelines to ensure a productive Process Walk that is focused on the process as opposed to the people. To learn how to use Process Walk Ground Rules and how to apply…

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Leader Task Boards (aka Kamishibai Boards)

Leader Task Boards are a visual check system to review critical workplace items. It’s comprised of a list of tasks related to safety, quality, production, cost, Leader Standard Work and daily management. It’s a popular Visual Management tool that helps leaders monitor task completion at a glance. To learn how…

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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -

Leader Huddle Meetings

Leader Huddle Meetings are regular (often daily) meeting with direct reports. The Huddle Meetings are conducted in front of the Process Performance Boards in order to work from a visual of organizational metrics. The meetings take about 15 minutes and are often referred to as “Stand Up” meetings to ensure…

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Leader Standard Work (aka LSW)

Actions, behaviors and tools that leaders use to build and sustain a Lean Culture. For a better understanding of Leader Standard Work and an overview of Lean Six Sigma, check out our Free Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training, Green Belt Training or Lean Training.

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Visual Management

Visual Management is the practice of making the workplace visually easy to work in. This includes making it easy to identify units and materials, updating people on the process status, showing how the process works and providing a visible process plan for future steps. For a better understanding of Visual…

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8 Wastes -

8 Wastes (Muda)

The 8 Wastes refer to a list of issues that get in the way of process flow and cause stagnation. The list consists of Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-Utilized Talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, and Extra-Processing. The idea of process improvement is to identify and remove all forms of waste from a…

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5 Whys -

5 Whys

  What are the 5 Whys? 5 Whys is a simple but effective method of analyzing and solving problems by asking “why” five times, or as many times as needed, in order to move past symptoms and determine root cause. This approach is used in tandem with Cause-and-Effect or Fishbone…

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