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Fully Online, Self-Paced Learning

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Easy Set Up Process

  1. Subscribe to a Plan above
  2. In 1 business day, you’ll receive an email to access your courses
  3. If you sign up for a Team, Business or Enterprise Plan, you’ll also get access to set up users on your own

FAQs  |  Individual Learners

What is included in my GLSS Membership?

Included in your GLSS Membership is access to all courses (White, Yellow, Green, Black, Lean) as well as future course updates and releases.

Do I have to subscribe to GLSS Membership if I only need an extension?

Yes. We no longer offer standalone course extensions; your current course(s) is extended for 1 year automatically with a GLSS Membership and you’ll also get access to all our courses.

Can I cancel my GLSS Membership at any time?

Yes, you may cancel your membership at any time, but you will lose access to courses if you do so.

Will my current course progress transfer over if I subscribe to GLSS Membership?

Yes, all course progress will transfer once you subscribe to GLSS Membership.

How often do my certifications need to be renewed?

With a GLSS Membership, certification renewals are required every two years.

Why haven’t I received my login information?

You will receive access within 1 business day of subscribing to GLSS Membership.

Where is my receipt of purchase?

Receipts will be emailed to the address you used to register. Please check spam/junk folders. Contact us if you are still having issues.

Can I change the email my account is active under?

Yes. Please send us an email with the address you’d like to be reflected and we can update it for you.

FAQs  |  Organizations

How does my team get started with their training once subscribed?

A GLSS Team Member will reach out to you within 1 business day of your purchase to provide your account information and onboarding instructions.

What courses are included in the subscription plans? Are there additional costs for exams?

Our subscription plans provide users access to all our courses (White, Yellow, Green, Black, and Lean) as well as future course updates and releases. Training and Certification (exams) are included, and there are no additional fees.

How will I manage my users? What tracking or reporting features are provided?

You and others designated will have Team Admin access within our Learning Management System to add/remove users, track progress, generate reports, and more. We have a library of resources including video tutorials on:

Can I and others involved have access to the courses and Learning Management System prior to subscribing?

Yes. We offer 2-week trial access to all the courses included in our subscription plans. We can also create a demo team for you to explore the functionalities of adding users, tracking course progress, and reporting. You can request this using the form here.

I want my team to complete projects alongside or after their training. Is this something that can be facilitated?

Yes. We offer the following options on a per-user basis for adding a project completion requirement for our Green and Black Belt courses:

  • $600 – Project completion w/ email support from a Master Black Belt
  • $1,600 – Project completion w/ email support from a Master Black Belt + six 1-hour virtual coaching calls

We encourage our learners to complete their projects using Kure, our online project management platform that automates Lean Six Sigma project work with AI. The app helps ensure projects deliver measurable results by streamlining workflows and provides a standardized platform to showcase improvement metrics. You can view our Help Guide to see how GLSS ( and Kure connect.

What additional coaching or consulting services are offered?

  • 1-on-1 Project Coaching – $1,499
    • (6) 1-hour virtual sessions with a Master Black Belt for 1-on-1 Project Coaching for a Lean Six Sigma project.
  • Strategic Planning – $1,499
    • (6) 1-hour virtual sessions with a Master Black Belt to define strategy goals and launch supportive projects
  • Group Project Coaching – $9,999
    • (3) 1-hour virtual sessions with a Master Black Belt to complete 3 Lean Six Sigma Projects (up to 15 participants)
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 10404 reviews
Dec 2, 2023
 by Natasha on

very informative

Dec 1, 2023
 by Aleah on

All the learnings were super helpful for me.

Dec 1, 2023
 by Jen on

Organized well in an easy to understand format.

Dec 1, 2023
 by Elvis on

This course is required for all organizations and its staffs and it will maximize performance and reduce lag in work environment

Don Vollmer
Dec 1, 2023
 by Don Vollmer on

The knowledge of Lean Six Sigma provide by the Yellow Belt course provides a very solid foundation from which to proceed.

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