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What is the Quick Win Project Planner?

The Quick Win Project Planner will help you prepare for your Process Walk, begin determining root causes and begin bringing order to your workspaces!

Quick Win Project Planner

Use the 8 Wastes template to record any wastes you may observe during your Process Walk. Document the type of waste, the impact it has on your process and any clarifying notes.

Use the 5 Whys template can be used to help you determine the root causes of your problem. Your answer to the question “Why?” can lead you to one of three decisions: another why, the root cause or a dead end.

Use the 5S template to record items going to the quarantine area as red tags are affixed. Don’t forget to promptly review these items within a week or less. Enter red-tagged items for removal, then update its status once things are moved.

The Problem-Solving Path™ is a logical sequence of identifying, analyzing and eliminating the problem. It presents a clear path for anyone to identify problems in a process and how to effectively go about solving them.

To get in-depth foundational training on problem solving and how to use the Quick Win Project Planner, check out our Problem-Solving Yellow Belt Training & Certification!

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