Kelly Wheeler Saves RHC-P Over $10M Through Process Improvement Projects

Kelly Wheeler Saves RHC-P Over $10M Through Process Improvement Projects -

The Regional Health Command-Pacific’s (RHC-P) Command, Kelly Wheeler, is a music lover and Master Black Belt with passion for personal and professional improvement. She believes that, “within medicine and process improvement, there is a desire to be better and to do better ingrained in you.”

Wheeler has earned a Master’s in Music as well as Business Administration. Her career started as a trombone player in the U.S. Army Europe Band, but her desire to explore the world and new opportunities has led her to the RHC-P in Honolulu, Hawaii. Here, she trains and mentors Green and Black Belt candidates through process improvement projects. In 2017, these projects have saved the RHC-P more than $10 million in financial benefit and improved quality, cost, and access throughout the organization. One project includes her physical therapy referral management initiative that now saves the company $1.7 million annually by reducing network physical therapy provider costs.

Wheeler is wildly dedicated individual who has achieved incredible things professionally as both a musician and a Master Black Belt. She is leading an amazing life, and it’s exciting to see what she will do next with her unique skillset.

Read more at the US Army.

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