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Webinar: Process Walk Orientation For Participants

Webinar: Process Walk Orientation for Participants

Are you going to be conducting, facilitating, or participating in a Process Walk? Join us for this 1-hour introductory webinar to learn and understand what will happen during a Process Walk as well as set expectations, establish ground rules, and understand the what and how of Process Walks. Webinar Recording: Process…

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Webinar: How To Use A Fishbone Diagram

Webinar: How to Use a Fishbone Diagram

The Fishbone (aka Cause & Effect or Ishikawa) Diagram is a seemingly simple method of conducting structured brainstorming around the root cause of a process problem. So why is it so hard to get it right? In this 1-hour introductory webinar we'll walk through some classic ways to build a…

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Webinar: Introduction To Lean (ENCORE!)

Webinar: Introduction to Lean (ENCORE!)

The first live presentation of this webinar was so popular that we did an encore presentation! Watch our 1-hour introductory webinar below and you’ll learn how to begin applying Lean right away. You’ll learn what Lean is, why Lean is good for business and how some of the basic Lean concepts can improve…

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Webinar: Introduction To Lean Six Sigma

Webinar: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

During this this free 1-hour introductory webinar, you'll have a basic introduction to what Lean Six Sigma is, why organizations implement it and how to get started. Webinar Recording: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Webinar Presentation: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Webinar Level Introductory Date & Time Date: Thursday, October 13, 2016 Time: 11…

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Webinar: Challenge The Process By Asking “Why?”

Webinar: Challenge the Process by Asking “Why?”

Did you know that curiosity catalyzes creativity? Join us for this 1 hour introductory webinar and we'll share how you can promote curiosity in your workplace to inspire creative solutions to everyday problems. Webinar Recording: Challenge the Process by Asking "Why?" Webinar Presentation: Challenge the Process by Asking "Why?" Webinar Level Introductory…

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