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Webinar: How To Facilitate Successful Virtual Kaizen Events -

Webinar: How to Facilitate Successful Virtual Kaizen Events

  [Go-Getter Membership Exclusive Webinar] Given the challenge of the pandemic, organizations are seeking guidance on how to successfully conduct virtual Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Events. Social distancing can coexist with Continuous Improvement. We’re already doing it! Our guest panelists have offered to share their recent experiences with navigating the new normal: Antonio Nava, UC…

Go-Getter Membership Exclusive Webinar

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4 New Ways To Use A3s (Have You Tried Any Of These?) -

4 New Ways to Use A3s (Have You Tried Any of These?)

Kaizen Charter? Knowledge Capture? Project Tracker? Posting Board? A3s have grown beyond their roles as problem-solving staples. They’ve expanded and staked out a richer domain in the Lean Six Sigma Toolkit. The A3 is often where we start to examine a challenge, address a problem or consider an opportunity. While…

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DMAIC + A3 = Kaizen Success -

DMAIC + A3 = Kaizen Success

The DMAIC problem-solving method may seem like a stranger to the A3 but they actually make a great pair. This continuous improvement combo brings much-needed clarity to Kaizen Events, Projects or any process opportunity. But first, a bit of background. We all may know DMAIC as it was born from…

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