Bosch & BMGI Partner to Transform India’s Capabilities With Lean

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Aravind Miya, Head of Lean at Bosch India is excited to implement Bosch’s lean production system within Indian corporates through partnership with BMGI, a global management consulting firm.

Having recently conducted a program on ‘Lean Transformation’, it had been noted that it was well received with participants from organizations such as Titan, Crown Paints-Kenya, Larson and Touboro. Participants were given a simulation where they had the opportunity to use real machines and create new plant layouts using Lean principles.

A participant, KY Balaji, shares, “The program provided excellent in-depth learning of new methods, with hands-on practice and shop visits. I look forward to applying this knowledge at my workplace.”

A great start to a journey of implementing lean, and it’s just the beginning!

Read More at the Business-Standard.


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