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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -

Process Redesign

Process Redesign involves the overhaul of a current, non-capable process where incremental improvement would still fail to meet customer requirements. This is also referred to as Reengineering. For a better understanding of Process Redesign and an overview of Lean Six Sigma, check out our Free Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt…

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Lean Six Sigma Project Types -

5 Lean Six Sigma Project Types

It's important to know what kind of Lean Six Sigma project you're considering. These are 5 classic project types to help you decide. If you're looking to conduct a Green Belt or a Black Belt project, then you should be working on a Process Improvement Project. Quick Win Implementation of a…

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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -

Process Redesign & Reengineering

Process Redesign is a significant reworking of a Process that (optimally) yields significant, measurable improvement in Output. Process Redesign is best described as "wiping the slate clean" to allow for more creative, sweeping changes. Reengineering is an even more significant variant of Process Redesign, sometimes increasing the scope to include…

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